Vancouver is for Trannies

Sorry for the delay in updates. But I wanted to make sure I had lots to fill you in on. And I do. I hate Vancouver. It's cold (40s), rainy, and a lady was rude to me at the drugstore and made me cry. The bus is full of stinky armpits, people yell at you when you can't fit on the bus, and the door WILL shut on you, multiple times. No one has air conditioning, which makes every building very stuffy. Conclusion: Canada is for losers.

But on a much more positive note, I LOVE my host family. I live in a 3 story home with 17 other people. There are 13 students, the couple who owns the home and their 3 kids. I'm not joking. But you can't tell there are so many people here, because it is very quiet and SO clean. (Thank God) I have a little room and I share a bathroom with 2 other boys, Alvin and Gaby. But the best part: They are all Asian. Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Filipino. I get three meals per day. I eat rice, lots and lots of rice. Everyone is so super nice and very helpful. The first night I was here, my internet wasn't working, so Alvin and Gaby helped me fix it all up. Since then, I've also gotten a couple of viruses, which they cleared. We all know I break computers so I, of course, appreciate their god given gift of Chinese computer wizardry. I love it and it makes me feel much better about the crummy weather and smelly bus.

And now, the best part. I got called last week to be the key makeup artist for a fashion show. Now, don't get too excited because it was just a high school designer and it took place in their gym. BUT, I got to take over the makeup department, had a team of 8 girls from my school (Blanche MacDonald), and over 200 people saw my work. The designer, Jack, although young is a tremendous talent. He has an obsession with transvestites and drag queens, and his collection features amazing gathering and free flowing sleeves all in prints and fabrics you'd find in your grandmother's decor. For the makeup, he wanted all the girls to look like drag queens. (doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but he's 18 years old and has 2,475 ideas flowing out at once!) So we did bright colors, sharp cheeks, BIG eyelashes, serious contours. It got a bit scary in there with all the glitter and hot pink! But it turned out well and everyone gave such awesome compliments. After 13 hours of work, I sat down to watch the show and was so overwhelmed by this feeling of total completeness. It really solidifies that this is the work I love. I'm so excited to finally be able to devote myself. Here are some pictures from the event. When the professional ones are available, I'll post them too! *love*

Here is my team of makeup artists!

Here are the Queens

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