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excuse me!

Please excuse my blog mess while it gets reworked. I've decided to umph it up a bit, and it's in the beginning stages of its awesomeness, which makes it temporarily even uglier.


my lip gloss is poppin

Lil Mama said it best:
MAC, L'Oreal, yep, cause I'm worth it
Love the way I puts it on so perfect
Wipe the corners of my mouth so I work it
When I walk down the hallway they can't say nothin
Oh, oh oh, my lips so luscious
The way I spice it up with the MAC-MAC brushes
L'Oreal got them watermelon crushes
That's probably the reason all these boys got crushes

At some point in my life, I've been a Mark Kay, Avon, and BeautiControl representative. Scary, I know. I am the worst salesperson ever. If something stinks, I'm gonna tell you. If it's amazing, I'm gonna tell you. So selling beauty products never worked out for me and I tend to shy away from those lines minus a few select items. One of those items is in Avon's Mark line. Glow baby Glow hook up lip gloss is awesome for several reasons.
First of all, each gloss is super compact and fits ideally into a purse. And if you buy two hook up products, you get a free connector, which connects any of their hookup products together. So lip gloss paired with mascara for quick touchups on the go? It's super convenient and doesn't require carrying a giant cosmetic bag in your already overloaded purse.
Second, the colors are great. The glosses come in an array of colors, "pink crush" being one of the most popular. I'm also a big fan of "peek a boo" which is a creamy nude. Being a big gloss wearer, it's easy for me to get annoyed with my hair sticking to my lips, or the shimmer clumping around the corners of your mouth. Not with this gloss. It delivers shiny, pumped up gloss, without the gloopy stickiness. And the amount of shimmer is just enough to add some dazzle, not stick around after meals to glob around you lips' edges.
Third, the PRICE! At $5.50 a pop, who can resist?!
So look up your local Mark rep or just order online. So your lip gloss can be poppin!


Fall Makeup trend #1

Earth Tones
Think greens, golds, browns and greys, but smokey. Velvety texture, but with a smidge of shimmer.


so fresh and so clean, clean

My best friend is getting married in 2 weeks and I am doing her makeup. Duh! Now, Eva is a gorgeous girl all on her own. Long brown hair, big green eyes, and a perfect silhouette. Her personality is quirky and fun. She's enough on her own that she doesn't need a ton of makeup to bring her out. So when I asked what she wanted for her wedding day words like "illuminating, radiant, and not matte" were used. She sent me a picture of Leighton Meester that illustrated the type of finish she was looking for.
Eva is having an outdoor wedding, in a garden with a relatively simple dress. Her colors are dark plums and greens. So a very fresh atomosphere. Her makeup should also reflect that and I'm glad she chose this picture of Leighton as a base. In order to get a light, dewy looking skin, you have to do several things. You can either use a foundation or not.

If you choose not to: Use a good moistuizer all over. Then use a highlighter across the cheek bones. Place a creamy concealor where needed. Use bronzer as cheek color, one with only a smidge of shimmer, on your apples sweeping lightly back toward yoru temple. Keep the rest of your makeup light as well.

If you decide you need more coverage and would like a foundation: Add a sheer highlighter such as Fluid Sheer to your foundation. Apply as normal. Use bronzer as cheek color, one with only a smidge of shimmer, on your apples sweeping back toward your temple.

Now you saw I mentioned Fluid Sheer. It's great. Fluid Sheer is a product that can be worn alone or mixed in with foundation. It is a liquid filled with tiny little illuminators that really give your skin a radiance beyond belief. Now dont' be intimidated by all the shade options! I recommend sticking with Porcelain or Golden Sand for starters. Porcelain gives you a radiance as if you are lit from within. Golden Sand is more of a light sunkissed glow. Once you feel confident, you can brave the other amazing colors. Armani actually has these in sample sizes to test out.

So appearing kissed by the morning dew is not only beautiful, but easy to achieve! Can't wait to show you pictures from Eva's wedding!