I went to that fashion show last weekend I must say, I wasn't impressed. It was totally disoragnized and the model were literally bumping into each other in the runway. Don't any of these girls watch America's Next Top Model?! I mean, hello! Learn to walk, please. I did not spend $30 on a ticket to watch you zigzag down the runway. Their incredible akwardness made it difficult to see the clothes as did the seats we had on the third floor balcony! Geesh! I looked good though, so that's the most important thing!

Dresses made entirely of paper. By far, the coolest thing there.
Dang, I'm good.

So I decided to post some more pictures from school. That is why I'm here! We've been working on B&W makeup recently. So here's some stuff just from my digital camera.
This is Ana. She's Mexican and hilarious.
This is Jas. I did her face. I'm getting alot of experience with various skin tones, which is super helpful.
This is Sonia in her Indian garb. Indian bridal makeup consists of lots of bright colors, gold, black eyeliner and pretty sparkles.
This is a runway look I designed. I didn't physically apply the makeup here, I just told other people what to do and how I wanted it to look.
Jas turned me into a 1984 hooker. Our midterm was to do decade makeup, so she chose the 80s obviously.
Some girls from class are coming over tomorrow to do practice runs for our final. I'm sure many pictures will be taken.

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