I'm back from VA. What an awesome 10 days. I had a party for Mark, where I rented a theater and showed his short film from film school for all his friends and family. He was so surprised! We went shopping for fall clothes, I saw old friends from high school, and Mark and I got a lot done in preparation for my permanent homecoming. I also got to spend a great deal of time with Mark's sister, Tina. The more we talk, the more I love her. I really feel a closeness to her that I didn't before and I am so happy that we are beginning to form that sisterly bond.

But I'm here now and my countdown is officially started: 6 weeks, 3 days. The next month and a half is going to be very busy trying to get stuff done before I come home. I'm so thrilled though to be this close to completing this journey. Leaving Mark definitely doesn't get any easier, it actually gets more difficult. Each time I see him, I find more things that make him such an amazing man and I appreciate him so much more. So the more I discover what it is that comprises him, the harder it becomes to leave him behind. This time apart though has truely given me a new appreciation for our relationship and for how we fuel each other in life. I can't wait until I can call him my husband! For the next 6 weeks, I'm going to keep focused on the end result and on getting back to him safely so that we can finally start our lives together.

My goals in this last month and a half of my Canadian adventure:
- contact ALL local wedding vendors to inform them of my arrival, so they can get my name out to all upcoming brides
- find a steady job for that guaranteed paycheck
- make appointments with apartments for us to check out ASAP
- make appointments to view wedding locations for us
- update website with all new images from school/photo shoots
- rock out in the airbrush module

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