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Bronzer can be your face pick-up any day. But it can go terribly wrong very quickly. Bronzer is meant to be a way to give your face some light. It provides highlight, glow, and warmth. It is not meant to give you an instant-just-got-back-from-Cancun-tan. Especially if the rest of your body is mid-December pale.
Apply bronzer, lightly, where the sunlight hits your face. Across the cheekbones, forehead, down your nose, and on the tip of your chin for a natural sunshiny glow. Beware of bronzers that are super shimmery, or orange.
Good ones to try out:
MAC has a bronzer that is a pretty safe bet. It comes in various shades. I like it because it has just the right amount of shimmer to it, without making you look like a shiny bronze statue. It's also pretty light, so you can gradually build it up instead of being surprised by a glob of orange dust on your cheek with the first brush stroke.

I also like skinLights by Revlon. Not only is it super affordable (about $9 for a bottle that will last forever) but it's easy to apply. It is an oil-free liquid, but it can be a little thick. The trick is, to mix about half a pump in with your moisturizer. Then apply it in the appropriate places. You can put it on directly, but it is a bit intense. Wear it alone for a dewy sun kissed look, or underneath your foundation for more coverage. Plus it has an SPF of 15!
So bronzer can be your summertime staple, if you treat it right.
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