Halo = amazing

So last summer I fell in love. With a face powder. It wasn't love at first sight, but it just seemed to grow on me. I'm not a real sucker for flashy sales people, pretty packaging, or cheap pitch lines. So when the Smashbox rep told me this Halo powder was "five foundations in one! and it has GOLD in it!", I wasn't impressed. And even after using it on my own face, I still wasn't ready to sign my name on the dotted line. Several days later, another artist I knew had picked it up, allwoing me to see it in action once again. Hmmmm....maybe it was worth at least one date? So I forked over the $60 for Halo in light. After using it to it's full potential during a photoshoot, I couldn't let it go. It is absolutely one of the most important products in my kit. Halo has several qualities that any girl could fall in love with. First of all, it does have gold in it. But the gold, along with other various minerals and light reflecting particles, work wonders in front of a camera. The light used for a pictures, whether it is natural or artificial, hits the face and all the light reflectors bounce it back, creating a glow for any complexion. Hence the name, Halo. You essentially have a halo around your face. It's gorgeous. It is also hydrating, which means that it keeps your skin from getting that powdery cakey look . Instead of sitting on top of your face, the powder buffs into your skin, making it a very supple application. Halo comes in four shades: fair, light, medium, and dark. Now, I know some people are like "Soooo, where does that leave me?". This color system will adjust about five shades. So if you're not sure where you fall between light or medium, it will work with your natural color to settle into a perfect fit. For those who get a smidge darker in the summer, this works great because you don't have to go out and purchase a brand new foundation. It also has amazing packaging, which has won awards! it shaves off a minimal amount of powder to avoid all that messy fluff you get when dipping your brush. No waste! Plus, it comes with a mini brsush and sample primer! And who doesn't love freebies?!
I use Halo in every shoot I do because it has worked so well. Brides love it because it can be used either instead of or on top of a foundation. And it makes any face look flawless on camera. As always, if you purchase it at Sephora, if you hate it, you can bring it back. But I know, you'll find the love of your life, just as I did.

Brittany, in sunlight
Brittany outside
Fabulous skin both ways! Halo love
Thanks to Mike Cowart at Myrick Studios for these!
Here's Becca wearing Halo, taken with a digital camera. Notice her healthy glow?

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