school is cool

I love my course already. I went last night and was so excited I could hardly sit still. It's pretty serious business. Missing more than 10% of any module, which range from 32-60 hours each, will result in automatic probation and with one more infraction, you're expelled. They don't play. There are quizzes and homework and studying all required. It's only 12 hours class time per week, but you're expected to go home and practice and study continuously. The director of the makeup dept really explained that making it in this business requires incredible work, but she assured us that this course will give us all the tools and knowledge needed to make it. FINALLY! Somebody gets it! I've spent so long trying to explain to other people what it is that I do and how I see my future, and no one ever understood what "makeup artist" meant. Everyone thought I wanted to work at Dillard's behind the Clinique counter. NO! I want more than that, and here, standing in front of me, was someone who knows how to get me there. It's awesome and made me feel better about being here. My goal is to totally immerse myself in this program and to breathe the art. I'm going to learn as much as possible and get the full feel for the creativity I have.
On another note; weird story. So I'm sitting in a coffee shop this morning getting really pissed off because the WI-FI signal is fading in and out and all I want to do is talk to Mark online. And this girl sits beside me. She asks if I'm looking for a roommate or a place to live. I tell her my situation and she begins to unfold this whole story about how she left Winnipeg for a boy and they broke up and now she has to move out and possibly move back to Winnipeg. She's 25, works one day a week, and has NEVER supported herself. Her mom has taken care of her from day 1 and her now ex boyfriends parents picked up where mom left off. Then she proceeds to ask me what she should do. Move back in with mom and finish her degree? Or attempt to stay here with a poor job and no money and move in with some guy she barely knows? now, wait. Why are you asking me? I'm minding my own business and you want me to tell you what to do with your life? By the way girl, you don't even know my name. So, I politely as possible tell her to do what she wants to do. Weirdo. I guess Universal Health Care doesn't include counseling of any sort, so perhaps she is forced to seek advice from strangers. Odd.
PS- sorry for the delay in pictures. Technology fools me at times.


ASHLEY said...

Hey girl you sound like you are doing alot more better now than you were in that last post... Keep up your head!!! Girl Your Amazing!!!
Ashley (Bettie's Daughter)
Grayson said HI!!! lol

India J. said...

I am so glad that you are enjoying the CANADIANS and that you are doing better. For the weird girl, It seems like I have passed the "best friend forehead tattoo" on to you my friend. i'm glad I could give you a little gift!