So here I am. I'm in Vancouver, officially. The plane ride was no problem, smooth riding and a super lame movie made for a nice trip. I rode in a taxi for the first time ever which was quite an adventure. A little Arabic man that I swore was going to kill me before I even got to the hotel, managed to get me there in one piece for $25. The hotel is as expected: a shoe box. But it isn't too bad. No AC, so I sweated through the night. But it's clean and the toilet works, so I don't need much else.
This is definitely the most difficult challenge of my life thus far. I've never had a problem being on my own and really thought that this would be easy. but the closer that plane ride got, the more terrified I got. I spent my entire day yesterday crying uncontrollably. I'm sure I looked like an idiot sitting in the airport sobbing while eating my veggie burger. The reason I'm here is because I made a promise to myself to be the best possible person I am capable of being. I want to excel in my career so that I can provide everything for my husband and children. My ultimate goal in life is to be a great wife and in turn, a great mother. The only way to reach these heights is through sacrifice. I have to give up Mark, my family, my home, my comfort, so that I can attend this school and refine my skills, enabling my success as a high fashion makeup artist. So I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed and definitely sad. Totally scared. I hope that in 6 months I can look back at this posting and say, "I made it".

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Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you Amy Lynn. I remember talking with you at the DVP about how much you wanted to go on to doing some schooling. I always knew you had it in you! Stay strong and I will keep you in my prayers while you are gone! We love you and miss you! Be safe!

Ashley Frazier