who drinks clam juice?!

Ok, so I had a photo shoot today. It was for the same designer that I worked with before to get some more fashion-y stuff. He still wanted the drag queen extraordinaire. I became very frustrated with myself about halfway through because everything kept messing up on this girl's face! And the more I tried to fix, the worse it got. It turned out fine, but nothing like I had hoped. The second girl went much better. But the shoot took place in this really cool house with a Beautiful view of a golf course and a HUGE deck. The windows are doors were all open so air flowed through the house and it was a perfect day. Super blue sky, nice breeze, about 72 degrees, sunshine. I loved it. The shoot was very long (11 hrs) and I was obviously irritated, so by the end, when the home owner handed me a drink I was in desperate need. I wanted to take it and enjoy it in the wonderful weather Vancouver had so graciously and oddly bestowed upon me. What I thought was a vodka infused treat, turned out to be much more interesting. Imagine this:
pale red in color
a pickled bean and asparagus stalk
smidge of vodka
clam juice

sound gross? well, it should, because it was horrendous! It tasted like the ocean mixed with V8. Nasty nasty Canadians. Needless to say, that drink remained in its cup.

I'm making a strong effort to be outside as much as possible. So yesterday during my walk I took pictures of flowers, for my mom. I'm keeping an online album for her. One thing BC has, is gorgeous brightly colored flowers. I also made a friend along the way. I named her Snuffles because she made my nose run when we met. She's in the album too. Check it out

I have several photo shoots scheduled this week, along with my FINAL for this module! Scary! Wish me lots of luck and keep an eye out for new postings of my images from these upcoming shoots!

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