So I came back from LA last Saturday night. I must say, it was well worth the trip. Seeing Mark was an instant rejuvenation. I undoubtedly feel closer to him now than when we parted and I think both of us have a more clear vision of our goals and how to achieve them together. We didn't do a damn thing. Just enjoyed each other's conversation out by the pool for 4 days. LA has perfect weather for tanning. It was nice just to be with him, with no agenda. I didn't take but one picture which is entirely too provocative to show.

This week had been filled with lots of pondering on how to get going on some more advanced photo shoots. So I've sent out multiple emails and postings and I have two shoots scheduled this week and several in the upcoming weeks. I am working on some sketches for new ideas to run by a few photographers and hopefully something more daring will take form, unlike the basic "pretty" stuff I've been doing. That stuff bores me.

I don't really have anything new to report. I'm going today to purchase thought provoking reading materials. Maybe that'll stimulate me.

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