death by hair dye

I'm in the hair module now, at school. Hair is absolutely not my thing. I'm not good at it and it frustrates me often. Hence the reason I pay someone else to do my own. But the module is suprisingly fun, and we've been having a good time just being girly. Above is a photo of what Upasna did to my do', then shortly after she placed a veil in it, which I wore the remainder of class. Veils always make a girl feel special.
The nexy photo is what I did to her hair. I was rather proud considering how much I detest my usual lack of hair ability. Upasna's hair is actually down to the middle of her back. So with a few twists and pins, we shortened it into a cute little fluff. My final is in 2 weeks, and I have much practicing to do. But I think I'm progressing!
Also yesterday I had a photo shoot with Jameson, my photographer adventure friend. We went to Golden Ears Park, which was goregeous. We visited the waterfalls and the water is so amzingly clear. You can see in the following photos how clean it is. The water is runoff from a glacier so its quite cold. It was an awesome place to spend the day, and the weather was perfect too. Hopefully some good images will come from it. These are a few I took with my camera.
I swore ET lived in this woods. I told Jameson that if ET ran out from the brush, I'd kick him in the head. I think that's him behind that tree. My foot was ready for a power punch to the dome.

Clear river. Cold river. I imagined that salmon would be jumping and swimming. But there weren't.

BC, "the best place on earth". That's their slogan. I have to disagree, but they definitely have some beautiful scenery.
So in my efforts to expand myself creatively and personally, I've been doing a lot of reading and thinking. Recently, I've been quite interested in the way food affects our health. Which then led me to think about how our lifestyles affect our health. Further, I thought about how the products we use daily affect our health. I could go on a wild tangent about my thoughts on this topic, but the bottom line is that all the chemicals we take in through food, personal care products, and household items cannot possibly be good for us. So I've decided to work on making a lifestyle change that will involve removing the chemicals from my body and home. Many of you have heard me on this rant before, and since moving here and into a home where rice, meat, and MSG are fed 3 times per day, I had given up my efforts. But there is no reason I shouldn't live in a way that promotes my general well being. My life is my business and for so long I've been making exceptions in my choices because of other people. I started eating meat again when I moved here to avoid hurting the host-lady's feelings. But I feel strongly about not eating meat from slaughterhouse animals. So why should I have to sacrifice my ideals for someone else? The problem is: I cannot live the way I desire within the confines of this home. I love these people, I love my room, I love the area. But I don't love the way I feel about my life and my body. I've been looking for other living arrangements the past few days and I feel confident I can find something else. This will enable me to cook my own food and strive to achieve a natural diet. Then I plan to take small steps to reduce my chemical use, and therefore help not only myself, but also the environment. There's a great book that puts these ideas about food into an easy to follow outline. It's called SuperFoods. Read it. Feel better.

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