grizzly bears do NOT belong in cages

So the internet has been atrocious for the last week and some. Therefore, my email responses, skype calls, and blog postings have been slim/nonexistent. But, good news! I found a new place to live. It's a basement suite with two other Canadian girls only 5 blocks from my current homestay. So that takes care of my dilemma as far as food/money/internet. I've had several mini adventures the last week as well. Including, but not limited to:

raccoons- went for a walk the other day and saw momma and 5 babies! Of course, being the genius that i am, I had my camera available and images of the furry family can be seen by clicking here.

Grouse Grind- 1.8 miles, 2800 feet elevation gain, and 2830 stairs to climb. It's intense and amazing. Afer taking 2 hours and 5 mins to complete, I chowed down on french fries and a "Beavertail". Being out of my character to induldge so heavily at one time, I felt like a bowling ball afterwards. But the Beavertail is undoubtedly a perfect sweet treat to reward yourself after a 2 hour hike up a mountain. A pita like flat bread, covered in cinnamon and sugar, it is impossible to stop eating until there just isn't anymore left. We also watched the lumberjack show and saw grizzly bears. I've determined that grizzly bears are terrifying and they will eat your face off.

Free samples- Mario Badescu is a high end skin care line that I used to sell back when I worked n a retail cosmetic store. Several of their products have been featured in magazines, especially the miracle serum called "drying lotion" that claims to be a zit zapper from the gods. After battling with some pretty rough breakouts since moving to Van, I decided to try it out. It does work. And I do recommend it for anyone with little/giant friends that like to visit their face uninvited. Since I like this product, I was reading about their other products online. After filling out the skincare survey, I had to option to order free samples. I figured they probably wouldn't send me any, or I'd have to pay s&h of $20. But I clicked the link anyway, and to my suprise, I got a package in the mail with 6 new products! All in mini sizes that will probably last about 1 1/2 weeks or so! No shipping paid! It was honestly totally free! You should induldge. I mean, everyone loves free things.

Biggest news of all: I'm leaving tomorrow!!! I'm going to LA to meet with Mark. We'll spend 5 days there and then begin our trek through the southwest to arrive at my parents after 3 days driving. Mark's parents will meet us there and he will graduate Aug 9th! I am SO glad to be coming home. Sadly, I don't plan on making any visits. There just isn't enough time and with Mark's family being there, we have to spend our time visiting with them. But I would like to invite everyone to attend the graduation ceremony August 9th at 10 am at the Murphy Center at MTSU. We would be thrilled to see your smiling faces!
Expect many more pictures this time.

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