Koreans are liars

So here's the run down on things post-LA/Nashville trip.

I loved every second of my trip home. I spent much needed time with Mark and family. I loved it so much, that they had to basically force me on the plane. Since I've been nack, I've been having a very difficult time. When I first made this commitment in January, I did it under the impression that Mark would join me after he graduated in August. This would leave my last three months here, with him. Well, I now know that if Mark came here, he could not obtain a work permit and therefore, would have nothing to do, when he could be at home working and saving for us. So he's not coming. Which means I'm here alone until December. This is not what I signed up for.

So i moved into the new place and wish i hadn't. I miss my old friends and the comfortable atmosphere. Here, I feel like I'm living in someone else's space. It's very weird. i tried to get my old room back, but it's filled. School is fine and I was happy to get back to learning some new stuff. Vancouver is rainy again.

So anyways, since I've been back, my anxiety is through the roof. I just want to be home. I want to be away from this place. I feel like, "ok, I've had my experience, It's been fun. But I'm done now". I have been here exactly 3 months tomorrow. And I have three months and 9 days left. Halfway. I have no intentions of quitting, I'd be too disappointed in myself. But there are definitely times when I don't feel capable of being here anymore.

I decided to look into plan tickets for an october visit. They're looking to be around $400. Well, considering I have no job, $400 may as well be 1 million. So I talked soe Korean boys into letting me tutor them 4 days a week for $60 per day. They were all excited about it...until i get the call today that they "changd their mind". JERKS!!! If I had that job I could have gone home for a visit! Now, I can't! Thanks alot, korean boys, for RUINING my dreams!

I don't know if any of this made sense, but I tried. So yeah. Send some love my way. I'm sad.


Renee said...
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Renee said...

Hey Amy Lynn, GUESS WHO? I won't say until the end...leaving you in utter suspense. HAHA! I read your blogs and they were so detailed, I felt I was right there with you.

Wow, has it been 3 months already? See, time is flying and before long, the other 3 months and 9 days will be here before you know it and you will be back home with Marky Pooh. I miss you so much, you don't even know. Things r going well for me. I met this wonderful, tall, sexy man that seems to be what I've waited on through all of the kissed frogs. But I will kiss all those frogs again if I knew he was my prince charming just waiting for me.

Have you figured out who I am yet? Well, keep guessing, lol.

Whenever you get down in that temporary funk you are in, let's post something funny and/or silly, anything on your blog and laff our butts off. Let's share our love for rice, our rice recipes(I eat a lot of rice), what we ate for the day anything to keep you out of the funk.......know who I am yet???? You should. Oh well, I'll keep going.

Anyhooy, school is back in session and I couldn't be happier. My younger child decided she would join every sport and club she could possibly be in. I'm loving every minute of it, it's keeping her busy and involved with school which is always a great thing. Presently, she's in ROTC, Color Guard, something else dealing with ROTC, she practicing and conditioning for basketball, so she's prety busy.

Here in the past few days, I have picked up a few accounts. I'm ecstatic, b/c business has been slow and my present clients aren't wanting much to be done with their accts b/c everyone is pinching pennies.

Do you know who I am yet? I'm sure at this time you do.....or you SHOULD!!!

Well, my friend, I am going to let you go. Now that I know your bloggin spot, I will come back more often, let's see what we can do on here. I will share stories and updates with you here also.

TTYS=Talk 2 You Soon.

Love ya, Renee
*Were you right about who I was?

Amy Lynn said...

of course I knew who you were! I want to hear more about this wonderful, tall, sexy man!

Renee said...

Hey girl, good to hear from you.......FINALLY!!! What have you been up to? I didn't know you were studying makeup. I thought you went to Canada to finish your studies in the field you were working in. You're really good, I saw the pics. Are you liking your place now?

While it's on my mind, go to www.twitter.com. It's a site much similiar to blogging. Signup and add me to your contacts. It seems to be pretty cool.

Now, this tall, dark, big ol' sexy chocolate man of mine. His name is Darneil, he lives in Alabama and will be moving to the Boro in Jan. He's head coach of a lil league football team there, which is why he's waitng until Jan. to move here....the season ends. My birthday is next month and he's taking me to Universal Studios in Orlando. I can't wait, it's not often we have that much time together, let alone being alone. He's 6'6" and 330, so you know he towers over my 5'2" self. He said I was a shorty, I told him I wasn't short, just vertically challenged. LOL!!!! There are so many good things about him. I will email you, not blog, more about him.

How's Mark? Do you guys speak daily? I would think so, he's your Knight in shining armor. Is your family doing well? Have you made many friends.............wait, I forgot who I was talking to. I know you are flooded with friends, you're such a kind person.

Well, I'm not going to keep you. I will always stop by here to see how you are doing and let you know how things are. Have a good ol Canadian time and blog often.

Love ya,