wedding extravaganza

We've changed the date...again. This time I refuse to change it. It's July 25th, officially. We decided adding on a couple of extra months would give us time to save more. Since I have so much free time and the weather is getting ugly again, I've taken up some hardcore wedding planning.

Here's the basics:


outdoor ceremony

custom made dress!


organic food

taa daa!!! that's what I have figured out so far. I'm getting a little excited about it again. I lost my luster for a while because I felt like no one was being supportive of the whole thing. My parents aren't exactly the type to get super involved, so I felt pretty alone in the excitement phase. I've reopened the books and started to nosy around online and I've rejuvenated my enthusiasm.

In other news, I made a dress this week. My bridal final required that my model wear a wedding dress. Being the cheapo that I am, i refuse to spend money buying a bridal gown for someone else to wear for a 10 minute photo shoot. So I went looking for a cheap white dress I could fancy up. It is definitely not the season for white dresses, so my next option was to purchase fabric and make it myself. I'm actually quite impressed with the final product considering I've never made clothes before in my life and I had no pattern. I'm used to making pillows and curtains, not wearable pieces. I'll post pictures of the photo shoot so you can all gawk at my talent. Final is this Sunday so cross your fingers for me.

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