is it time for the countdown?

11 weeks, 5 days.

I made a new friend today. She just waltzed into my room, actually. I think she belongs to the people upstairs, but we keep our front door open on nice days (note: no air conditioning in Canada, must have circulation) so she just made herself comfortable. And we all know, I never met a friend I didn't like, especially the furry kinds.

So I had a few mini adventures this week. I went to purchase tickets to a fashion show that's coming up in 3 weeks. I'm super excited. Two girls from class and I are going and we're going to dress up in an attempt to look much more fashionable and money loaded than we actually are. It will definitely be good time. The flyer promises food, music, and acrobats!
I also went this week to buy my first ALL NATURAL skin care and hair care set!!! (see below for reasoning) WOO HOO!!! Needless to say, I smell divine. I'm looking forward to seeing how these products affect my skin and hair. Especially since upon coming to Vancouver, my face began accommodating many red, inflamed, ugly, uninvited guests who have absolutely out stayed their welcome. I am also really doing super well with my new eating plan. Rarely does something artificial or doused in chemicals touch my lips. And I'm sticking strongly to the meat free way. It's quite easy to let go of the meat. And considering I'm a southern girl who adores fried chicken and collard greens soaked with a fat ham hock, I would have never thought it possible. Unintentionally, I've lost weight which I guess is a benefit from all these changes. I'm anxious to continue on my all natural quest.
Speaking of all natural, I've been doing alot of thinking about chemicals in my products I use. And considering my line of work, it's pretty important that I know about ingredients and how they affect the body. I mean think about it. In one day I use the following:
shampoo, conditioner, body soap, face soap, toner, moisturizer, hairspray, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, makeup (in various forms), shaving cream. Then on a fairly often basis I use: nail polish, foot oil, hair wax, hair polish, etc. WOW. That's alot of crap. So I started to look at some labels. Oh, and by the way, the FDA does not approve cosmetics, nor do they require ingredients be listed on the labels. So I'm checking out some of the product labels that do have their contents listed. Why can't I pronouce majority of these? So I start to do Google searches for them and am quite surprised by my findings. To find a comprehensive list of the chemicals in personal care products and their effects go here. Check your labels. You'll be surprised.
I'm doing a photo shoot tomorrow and am waiting on a few images from the more recent ones. Will be posting and updating the website as soon as I get some good ones.
Future plans include:
find natural makeup....huge challenge to undertake.
try to figure out a plan to visit Mark in October. Fund raiser, anyone?
do sketches for Fashion course final
Still missing home. Send some love.

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