mini China

Everyone knows that Vancouver is filled with Asians. It seriously is a mini Asia, being that white people are a minority. And I've seen probably 6 black people since I've been here. No exaggeration. Therefore, I've been exposed to many new foods and cultural tid bits.

I've been spending alot of time with an 18 year old Chinese kid named Zach. He goes to the Vancouver Film School and he has been here for 2 years. When he came, he didn't speak any English so he's been through some tremendous transitioning in the last two years. I helped him out with a video he was working on, and in return, he took me to eat. Since then, we've been to eat several times and let me tell you, there are some quite interesting Chinese munchies. Sesame chicken is NEVER on the menu. Our American version of Chinese is nothing like the real thing.

We went to a sushi bar (which is technically Japanese) last week and I ate tempura vegetables, edamamae, miso soup, coffee flavored Jello with cream, corn cakes, avacado rolls, etc. It was all you can eat so you know I got down.

beans = delicious

squid looks like guts. Zach's favorite. Ugh...

Many Many Jellos later

Then a few days ago, we went to a traditional Cantonese restaurant. I was literally, the only non Asian in the building, making for quite an akward lunch. The tables have plastic table cloths that are replaced after each guest, in my opinion, because Asian people are the sloppiest, loudest, diners in the world. The waitresses walk around with carts filled with food, and when they pass, you just stop them and ask for whatever you want off their cart. They walk around like stadium vendors, shouting out the types of food (in Cantonese) they have on their cart. I ate various dumplings and such. But my favorite thing was this "Chinese hamburger". It's not a hamburger at all, but more of a dessert. It's like a white cakey bun, and inside is this yellow stuff. Zach says it's milk, egg and sugar. But it's awesome. I got some to go and have been snacking on them for three days. By far, my favorite.

best hamburger I've ever eaten.
Finally, in celebration of Cowboy's (another Chinese kid) birthday, we went to a traditional Japanese restaurant. Well, it was.....different. I ordered Udon noodles with vegetable and prawn tempura. Safe bet, right? Not really. It was brought out on a box, with the veggies and prawn on top of the noodles. Beside the noodles is this little cup of liquid and a tiny speckled egg, top taken off, and raw. So, Cowboy takes the egg, dumps it into the liquid, drops in some wasabi, and stirs it up. Then he tells me to dunk each bite of noodles in the mixture! what?!?! Are you serious?! There's raw egg in there. In America, we call that SALMONELLA!!!! But, trying desperately not to be rude, I lightly dipped the tips of my noodles in the swirly mixture and swallowed it. It didn't taste like much. A little sweet I guess. But I couldnt get rid of my fear of death inducing food poisoning. I ate a few more bites and encouraged everyone else to try as much as they wanted. We also ate grilled eggplant & asparagus, two kinds of rice cakes, seaweed, edamamae, and tofu. I liked the grilled veggies best.
tiny bird eggs are not my thing

That's my food adventures as of late.
I'm also learning Chinese. It's pretty stinkin cool.
In other news, I had a midterm on Monday which went well. It was a recreation of the 1960s makeup. Kinda boring. I'm getting ready for my fashion final in 3 weeks, which should be really cool. I also booked a flight to Norfolk for Oct 7th, so I will be with Mark for 10 days. This is the longest we've been without each other and it's starting to eat away at me. I'm so thankful we worked it out so that I could come. And once I get back, there will only be 6 weeks left. I just couldn't go the rest of the time without seeing him. He's such a boost for me, giving me encouragment and drive, that without him I begin to find myself sinking into this dark abyss. Mark and are very good at maintaining our individuality. But we also are a part of each other. So it's important that we get to rejuvenate every few weeks.

Much Love...

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