I'm grumpy

6 weeks left exactly. HURRY UP!!! I'm on the home stretch and am so ready to sprint through. I walked outside today and headed down the hill, on my way to pick up some groceries. It was such a clear day. Well, since I'm on a hill, i looked out over all the houses and such and there it was...AMERICA! I saw Mt Baker, which is in Washington. A few months ago, Jameson took me high up a mountain to look out over all of Vanouver and from there, I first saw Mt Baker. When you're in the Space Needle in Seattle, they tell you that for only 90 days out of the year it's visible. So I was quite surprised to see it peeking over the skyline. It gives me a little thrill to see it there, because it makes me feel closer to home. It's weird how something so far away can make you feel so close.
Here it is from the Space Needle, in the background. I saw it even more clearly today from the top of my hill!

I also saw this big rainbow the other day on my way to school. It was a full complete arch across the sky. Maybe seeing these two surprises are little signals to keep being strong. I'm almost there.

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