keep on rollin

4 weeks, 4 days.
I'm keeping busy with photoshoots and practicing my airbrush and updating my website. There will be several new pictures going on there in the next few weeks. My airbrush final is on Monday and i'm pretty apprehensive about it. I don't feel confident at all. 2 weeks to learn to use a new tool and plan a shoot just isn't enough time. I need more than that to really develop an idea and a skill. But after this comes the career portion of the course! I'll be rewriting my resume and updating my porfolio. I'm hoping to have a job waiting for me when I come back to Nashville. Until then, here's some recent work:
This is my roommate, Christine, on her way to a wedding. I did her hair and makeup that day.
This is Alana. Pictures by Lebrone Wade Photography. Hair and Makeup: Me

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