we didnt start the fire, it was always burning...

18 days
So I have completed my resume and am taking it for review tomorrow. I'm feeling pretty confident about coming back and working.
I was at school today and in my efforts to save money, I got a kiwi and apple for lunch. total: $.82. Then my friend had some pineapple that she claimed was making her mouth burn. She was going to throw it away, so I told her to give it to me, since I was still hungry. Halfway through my second piece, I realized, she wasn't lying. For the next 2 hours, my mouth was on fire, my top lip got a blister and swelled, and all around my mouth and down my neck was tingling! I was itchy and red and it hurt like the devil! That pineapple was laced with cocaine or something, because it was horrible! It finally subsided.
I came home and changed into my PJs, when I noticed more burning. This time though, it was in my armpits! So now, as I type, my armpits are flaming and turning red. I keep spraying neroli oil on it, which provides relief for about 30 mins. I don't know if this is a result of the pineapple or is I'm having a sudden reaction to my deodorant for some odd reason. I've always heard that you sweat out toxins and such, so I guess it is possible that the bromelain (which is the enzyme in the pineapple that tried to keep me from ever eating again) could be coming out of my sweat glands in my pits. Weird.
Who knows what is going on with my burning flesh. But I thought I'd share, none the less.

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