Grand Canyon + beautiful people = a little MU help

My friends Chris and Adrienne just got married last month. And they are fabulous. But I got a email from Adrienne last week asking for some help. Chris is out in the desert now, attending an event for photographers. Phoenix, Arizona to be exact for the Digital Wedding Forum Convention. Sounds intense. So anyways, being that Chris is there already, they've decided to do a followup bridal session in the GRAND CANYON! How awesome is that?! So here is where I come in. I get this desperate cry for help email because Adrienne is going to be having pictures done, but I obviously won't be there to do her makeup! So she needed a little lesson in making one's self glorious for the camera. Of course, I can't let my friend go all bare faced for this outrageously cool photo session. So I dropped over to her house and we had some one on one time. Makeup is undoubtedly an art, but majority of us cannot afford someone to come over every morning at 6 am to fancify us. We have to become our own mini artists. I enjoy giving out tips and how to's so that sitting in the bathroom at 6:30 am, baggy dark eyes, skin all dry and flaky, eyebrows going every way they aren't supposed to, it doesn't seem so hopeless. Knowing a cool way to apply eyeliner, or how to make your lip color last longer can totally change your look and give you a boost! One thing I would suggest to revamp your makeup: invest in brushes. If you are using those ugly little spongy things that come in the eye color pallette, shame on you! An eye color brush, lip brush, and cheek brush can transform the way your makeup goes on. Even the ones from Target are fine. You don't have to spend $50 on a brush or anything, just have the basic ones and your morning makeup routine will become so much easier. I can't wait to see the pictures from the Grand Canyon, as I am sure they will be breathtaking. With faces like Chris and Adrienne's, there's no way they could be anything less than fabulous.

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Gray Photography - Zach and Jody - Nashville Wedding Photography said...

You should start charging people to do exactly that - coach people on how to do their own makeup that flatters them the best! :)