I forgot about you

oops...so I guess you want an update on what happened to me.
Well, I spent my last week in Canada packing my things and saying goodbye to people. I was in such a full force mode, I totally forgot blogs even existed. Some goodbyes were tearful, but I was so ready to go, those tears dried quickly. I got home December 3rd and spent the next few days reestablishing contacts and enjoying my time. Mark and I hit the apartment search hardcore, but to no avail. It's difficult finding somewhere to live. So we headed to VA for a Christmas extravaganza and two days after that return, we moved into our new place at The Players Club in Brentwood. We've spent this last week getting settled in. I picked up a contract spot back at my old job. I'm doing sexual assault education. I know I know, not at all makeup related. But a girl's gotta eat! It's only a 6 month spot, so it'll get us on our feet and it's super flexible which allows me to work freelance as well. I've done a few shoots since I've been home. Zach and Jody had pictures done for the launch of their new site. Check those out. They are incredible photographers and have helped me out tremendously. I also did the makeup for Chris and Adrienne's wedding. Those images are available in their blog. They, too, do unbelievable work and are good friends of Mark and I. They are also shooting my wedding! Love them, for reals. I've been keeping busy and hope to continue. But for now, I'm closing off this blog. I'll be starting a new one this month devoted strictly to my life as a makeup artist. It'll include images of my work and the juicy details on Nashville latest and greatest in the world of entertainment & bridal makeup.

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