transmissions are poop

Mark's car funked out on us this weekend. It's the transmission. Of course. Of all the parts to break, it had to be that one. Oh well. We'll figure it out...$2700 later. *grrrr*
So, to cheer myself up, I decided to look at potential wedding ceremony locations for my May wedding. We're a little behind, I know. But a 6 month trip to Canada throws things off just a tad. So then I got to thinking about how, if Mark and I were having an average wedding, I'd be totally freaking out right now, with no venue and all! (Thankfully, our wedding is teeny tiny, so I have no worries) But there are these little angels sent down to help a bride to be in her times of distress. These angels are more commonly known as wedding consultants. They will save not only your hair from being torn out, but your sanity as well. I had the privilege of meeting an awesome consultant named Courtney Hammon a few weeks ago. What a cool lady! First of all, she has FOUR adorable furry friends in her home that just love being where all the action is. I'm a big fan of fuzzy babies, so I welcomed their puppy love. And she also is a wedding consultant, from Disney World in Orlando! Now, seriously. Who wouldn't absolutely love to have a Disney wedding?! She has brought her expertise to the Nash and now does the coordination at Opryland and on her own. So I went to Courtney's house to fix up her makeup so she could have a super glam day. And not only does she have fluffy friends, Disney experience, and the hookup at Opryland...but she's also super nice! So, for those brides who are seriously considering the wonders of Xanax to tone down their moments of wedding panic, replace those anxiety provoking thoughts with a great consultant. 
Now if only wedding consultants could fix transmissions...

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