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Eyebrows... how scary they can be. Many times, eyebrows are so intimidating, they are left as unruly fuzzies atop the peepers. Others choose to subject themselves to painful hot wax or tweezing each individual hair one by one. A majority of people have no clue what they are doing, resulting in pencil thin. shapeless lines across their face. Or they give up altogether.
Eyebrows are a big deal, people! They can totally change someone's face, making them appear more alert, bright, and even younger. Overplucked brows are never a good idea and usually make you look like an alien. Brows that are totally untamed, or create the infamous "unibrow" can make the face look unkept and hard. So it's important to keep the eyebrows cleaned up. Eyebrow shaping is really not all that difficult. There are simply three lines to follow. A) Using a pencil, line it up against the nostril and draw an imaginary line straight up. Your brow hair should never come any further in than this line. B) Draw another imaginary line from the outside of the nostril through the outside of the pupil. This should be the highest point of the brow. C) Once again, outside of the nostril to the outer corner of the eye, the imaginary line should show you how long your brow should be.

I've seen alot of crazy looking brows. But this is the basic method I use for shaping all women's. Anytime the brow is not long, high, or full enough, it should be filled in with a color that matches the hair color and combed through. Still, some of you are going to be worried to attempt this one yourself.

I have the solution!

I offer eyebrow shaping, using two methods. First, is the basic tweeze. Most women are familiar with the tweezers and are comfortable with that level of pain and the end result. But, excitingly, I am learning a new method! It is called threading and is used in India. I learned about it while I was in Canada, hanging out with all the East Indian girls in my class. They threaded my eyebrows and WOW! I've never looked so open and vibrant! Plus, it is not nearly as painful as waxing, and it doesn't pull the skin like waxing does. And we all know, pulling on the skin so harshly and so often can result in a saggy eyelid later on. No sense in guranteeing the need for an eyelift! Another benefit to threading is it gets all the tiny baby fuzz. So that little mustache you have when the sunlight hits just right?...it can be gone too! Threading is great for facial hair and the results last for weeks with minimal tweezing in between visits. And considering the only eqipment needed is a spool of thread, the cost is low ($5!) and the service easily transportable. So for all your eye opening needs, I'm available!

Here's a before and after of my own threading experience
I used to shape my eyebrows very basically. Clean them up, give a bit of an arch.
After experiencing threading, this is what I got. Much thinner, but still a nice shape and a real eye opener.
Now, my eyebrows are very much like this, but with a little more oomph in the front of the brow. East Indian girls prefer brows much thinner than typical American girls, so I've altered the shape slightly. But you can see how much a little cleaning up can really brighten a face!


Jessica @ budgetsavvybride said...

GIRL- I cannot wait for you to try it on me!! :) I've been wanting to try threading for months!

Ashley Sue said...

um, i'm sold. please, please, please email me a price list for what you do. i'm on an incredibly strict budget, but would love to have you!

p.s. i found you on jessica's site, actually. you did a killer job on her make-up. wow.

-ashley sue

Gray Photography - Zach and Jody - Nashville Wedding Photography said...

Niiice! Great post :) -JG

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

they look great!