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Last night I met with Brittany, my April 4th bride for her consultation. Her Grandmother so graciously gave me reign over her kitchen table to spread out my ridiculous arsenal of supplies. And her mom was close by to oversee the process. I love working with brides because they are so cheery. Getting gussied up is one of the most fun parts of their wedding day, so they are usually super friendly to their MUA. And Brittany had some great ideas for how she wanted to look for her outdoor wedding at Baber House in Gallatin. As I was designing a look for Brittany, I discussed with her the shape of her eyes. She has these great, dark seductive eyes. In Brittany's case, her brow bone is more dominant than the rest of her lid. She doesn't have much eyelid, so her upper lid (the brow bone) is what you see when she is looking at you straight on. Everyone's eyes have different shapes. Some are too far apart, close together, droopy, protruding, deep set, etc. And the application of eyeshadow can really have an effect on that. The goal in applying shadow is to enhance the eye shape. In Brittany's case, it's important for us to push some of that dominant brow bone back in order to see the shape of her lid. Dark colors push back, light colors and shimmers bring forward. So we applied a darker color a smidge above her natural crease to push back part of that dominant lid, hence creating a higher crease. (is this making sense? are you taking notes?!) There are so many eye shapes, it would take forever to explain the application for each one. Now, you don't have to stick with the exact same application everyday. It's ok to wear colors in a way that is fun for you, but might not neccesarily be "for your eye shape". Who cares?! But for special occasions and any event involving pictures, you want to make sure you look your best. Which is why being aware of your eye shape and knowing which type of shadows work best and HOW they should be applied is super important. Makeup artists are trained to know things like this. We can look at a face, determine the shapes of that face, and use our products to enhance or diminish what we need to. So for days when you want to look A+++, bringing in the big dogs (aka: the MUAs) is never a bad idea.

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