Birds and Hairspray

I really need to get better at this whole blogging thing.
So yesterday I had the pleasure of being invited to Nossi College of Art to help a photography class with their fashion assignment. The instructor, Grant, was great and the students really seemed to enjoy themselves. I was given free range (which I love!) to do whatever I wanted for hair and makeup for two girls that would be taking beauty shots. Being in Nashville, I don't get to do much involving quirky ideas and bold statments. Most everyone here is either a) a bride or b) in the music industry. So their makeup goals are to simply be "pretty". So rare is the occasion when I get to go wild. But at Nossi, I was given that freedom. Which is why "freedom" was kind of the theme for the look. I began thinking about how alot of my creative work has centered around negative emotions and feelings of entrapment. This is a new time in my life, and hopefully one of progress and positive building. I'd like to break away from all those negative emotions. So I was pondering this new found sense of freedom and decided to put it into a visual representation. BIRDS! Birds are a definite symbol of freedom and openness. So for this shoot, I did two looks. One with two fat red birds in a "nest" of hair. The other a white dove in a "cage" of hair. I feel more confident about the red birds rather than the dove, due to an unexpected change in models resulting in hair that is not easily formed. (long story) The CDs will be ready in one week and I will be sure to post the images. YEAH! Thanks to Katheryan and Amanda for letting me pin birds in their hair!

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