Greek girls need lessons too

Last night I had the pleasure of working with the girls of Kappa Delta at MTSU. They are doing a series for their girls involving presentation, attitude, communication, and enlarging your horizons. Now, usually I'm not a big fan of sororities. But Mary Ruth is a doll, and when she invited me, how could I resist? Besides, any opportunity to talk about my work and play with different faces sounds like a good time to me. I was supposed to fill 30 minutes of time, but it ended up being over an hour! (whoops!) These girls were just full of great questions and having such an awesome time, 30 minutes just wasn't enough. We discussed skin care, appropriate foundations and how to apply them, eyebrow shaping, lashes, and smudging eyeliner. I love to hear myself talk, so I am absolutely a fan of being able to discuss this stuff with an interested group. These girls were so receptive and really a lot of fun, so thanks to them all for listening to my rambling!

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