Humana Banana

I'm getting a cover!!! Ok ok, so it sounds a lot cooler than it actually is. But Humana puts out a quarterly publication for all their senior members. They ask for submissions of photos and little life blurbs from their patrons and they select certain ones to be featured in the mag. Well, a delightful man from Lewisburg was chosen for the spring issue and I was asked to fancy him up for his big debut. Now, I believe I've been sworn to secrecy on the details, so I can't induldge further. But let's just say, this shoot was buck wild. One of the highlights of the day: getting to hold a two day old baby goat! Absolutely one of the coolest things ever! Little wrinkly face, floppy brown ears, and they cry like babies! But being the scatter brain I am, I didn't bring my camera to document this amazing event. *sad*
Thanks to super talented photographer Kristina Krug for having me out on such a beautiful afternoon. Kristina does a lot of advertising and lifestyle work and she also does an awesome exploration of the ladies of Magdalene. Being that I spend my days at The Domestic Violence Program, I also have an interest in this project that Kristina has created. (ps- the ladies at Magdalene and Thistle Farms make AMAZING hand lotion. All natural and super moisturizing, love it!) Definitely check out her work and keep an eye out for that Humana magazine!

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