Two Timin'

I've been waiting on images the past few weeks, so excuse my lack of blogging excitement.
But alas! They are here!
A few weeks ago, I was invited to a shoot with The Two Timers. They are two really fun and talented ladies who are jammin out the local music scene. As a country duo, their music is similar to SheDaisy, upbeat and girly. It's the kind of music you sing extra loud in the car, coming down the interstate. Margaret is super sweet and gentle and Julia has a bit of an edge with her tattoos and bleach blonde hair. So the girls were in need of some new images and asked Adwina to shoot them. Adwina is incredibly accomodating and so easy to work for. I always love an easy going, but structured, photographer, as it makes the shoot so much more fun and productive. These images are great for someone like me, who needs to showcase their work with no distractions. The images are clean with very little to take away from the subject.
So here are the results of parmesan and garlic triscuits, free reign, and fun people:

Margaret was so excited that I could put makeup on her legs! No detail left undone.

Who doesn't love a girly curly faux hawk rendition?!

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