I was invited about a month ago to participate at Fusion this year. Fusion is an arts event held at The Cannery Ballroom as a fundraiser to support the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation. Good times, let me just say. Myself, Robin Geary, and Amy Vasquez were the artists for Truly Alverenga's line. She uses such bright colors and flouncy fabrics. Think mutil colored tutus. So Robin and I did the base makeup for about 16 girls, and Amy finished them each up with a spash of color across the eye. (view pictures here) It was definitely in line with Truly's super exciting pieces. There were several bands and artists playing and an art show! So I've decided that when I'm all grown up, I'm going to buy art. There was some gorgeous work there and absolutely talented artists. I especially loved these pieces in particular that involved hanging glass with old chemical reactions having occured inside, creating patterns and bubbles that were illuminated by the sunlight. Sadly, I couldn't find the artist's info anywhere. boo. The day was filled with tornados and scary storms, with rain creeping in under the doors. (Yeeps! Watch the curling irons!) The Cannery is a very old buidling, so I was pretty confident it wouldn't be blown away. But either way, it was super cool times and I hope to be invited again next year.
oh! and p.s.- I'm on the 4th page of Google now! YEAH!!! www.amylynnlarwig.com

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