Mijune Pin Up shoot

Ok, so these images are a tad old, meaning from last November or so. This was a shoot I did in Canada with the lovely Mijune. Mijune is a gorgeous, super thin, and fun model. She wanted to do a Pin Up inspired shoot with Allen Ko and they invited me to join! Allen became a friend of mine during my time in Vancouver and we shot together often. He is so organized and knows exactly what he wants, so our days usually went by smoothly and with great structure. And being that his "day job" is with Lays, he always had delicious new flavors of potato chips for us to try out. mmmm...chips. So this shoot comprised of Mijune, Allen, myself, and a fabulous hair stylist, Victoria and outstanding stylist, Beverley. Beverley came up with some unbelieveable vintage pieces and combined with Mijune's mother's fur, it was an incredible ensemble. I'm always amazed at people who can put together random articles of clothing and create something that completely works and looks amazing. So with lots of fur, low sodium dill potato chips, and red lipstick, here's what we got:
Other images are available at Allen and Mijune's sites.

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