Not such a bad Habit

So I rarely get to do any fashion work considering Nashville is just a baby when it comes to fashion. There are very few photographers that do it, mostly because they've got to eat and the work just isn't here! Well, I met Evan Baines at the bridal show this past January and we had been touching base periodically, when he called me Monday. His sister, Lindsey Boland, is a designer in Chicago. Now, I've heard a lot of people consider themselves designers, so I never know what to expect. But this girl not only makes her own clothing line, she owns a boutique called Habit. The goal of Habit is to promote the work of up and coming designers by offering their clothing and accessories for sale. Most of the pieces in the store are one of a kind or created in small quantities. So if you're looking for items that are original and everyone else isn't walking around in, this is the place to go. Check out this earring set from Alisha Louise Designs
Or this springy dress from Filly and Modaspia. 
Love the pockets!
So you can see that there are super awesome duds going on in this store. But here is the real kicker. So Evan calls me because Lindsey has designed a dress that she needs photographed. He has lined up model, Crystal, to wear the piece and our goal is to really focus on the dress as it does have so much work put into it and such a large amount of detail. My job then, is to keep things simple, without being boring. Since it is fashion, and it is not a runway, there has to be something going on on the face. Alot of runway makeup is super minimal, which is fine, because the girls are moving so quickly and you want them to all blend together. No one face should stand out on a runway, which is why things are kept simple. But in a fashion photo there is a little more room for color and shape. Since Crystal is the only one in the image, we didn't have to worry about consistency. Also, the viewer will be looking at her a lot longer than someone sitting at a show, so we have to make sure her face is visually entertaining as well, without distracting from the clothes. Lindsey's dress was enough excitement on it's own, and with Crystal's loooooong body, things worked pretty well together. Here's a sneak peak!
 Thanks Evan, Amanda, Crystal, and Lindsey!
more to come...

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