Body Painting

Had to put that out there before you scrolled too far down. Didn't want to catch you off guard!

Occasionally I get asked to do creative shoots with photographers and models. And I'm always up for stretching my artistic side. So Bruce Yonce contacted me a several months ago and we just recently found the time to get together and play around with some stuff. Bruce had been wanting to do a graffiti shoot. Some of you may recall some graffiti work I did in Vancouver last fall.
I haven't used my airbrush much since I've been home, so I thought working with Bruce would allow me to get reacquainted with my sweet little air gun. We decided to do a piece that illustrates our society's inundation with ads and logos. So I used corporate logos and the word "Takeover". It turned out a little more rough than I planned, due to a cream base that wouldn't dry. (I know not to use that one again) Thank you Chimere for being still and patient! And thank you Bruce, for letting me make a mess!

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