orange, green, blue, and embroidery

Sound like 1973 living room decor?
Well, it was Ashley Rowden (now Whiteside)'s wedding ambiance! When i met Ashley at Panera for the first time, I was so enamored with her soft demeanor and bright smile. We were there to discuss my potentially doing her wedding day makeup. She showed me a picture of a very delicate, peachy toned makeup she had pulled from a magazine. As with every bride, I asked about the details of her wedding, to get a feel for her style. She begins to show me images of green, earthy details with splashes of orange and blue. Words like "quilt" "birds" and "natural" are thrown around a lot. Now at first, I was a bit concerned for how all of this was going to come together. But Ashley's gentle and focused tone convinced me that this wedding was going to be unique and beautiful. S0 when I arrived on May 23rd to get Ashley's wedding day look pulled together, she remained the same; calm, easy, and glowing. You could tell she was very ready for this day and for all the right reasons. Standing there giving her the finishing touches, I knew she looked amazing. But now that I've seen the pictures, HOLY MOLY. She honestly, was radiant. I don't think I've ever seen a bride look as healthy and illuminating as she. Ashley's skin was a great match for the Smashbox Halo I rave about. We kept her look very warm and clean, using peaches and apricots. All the colors and natural elements she chose worked so well together for her wedding details, and the softness she evoked just wrapped it all up. Congrats Ashley and Brandon! And thank you April with Evoke Photography!

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