airbrush: greatest application or just a trend?

I had a bride contact me a few weeks ago about being airbrushed for her wedding. She had heard about the technique and really wanted to have it for her big day. After much discussion and a few trials, we decided to airbrush her foundation using Makeup Forever's HD foundation. Now, this bride was adamant about using the airbrush because of the good things she had heard. There is a lot of talk about using airbrush, especially for HD film and TV. It provides a nice, solid coverage and works well for HD because of the way the product is misted onto the face, leaving no area uncovered. However, it has it's limitations. The airbrush is just a tool, like any other brush. If I put foundation on with a toothbrush, it's going to look different than if I use a sponge, blush brush, or foundation brush. The finished look of the makeup depends greatly upon the method of application. So the airbrush is just another alternative to traditional brushes. It is great for 2 purposes...1)textured skin (acne, scars, rough) benefits from using the gun because the mist gets into all angles of the face, leaving no space untouched. It ensures coverage of all these areas. 2)those with skin conditions are also good candidates because there is no physical touching involved. Certain skin issues are made worse by touch (ex: Rosacea) so we eliminate that problem because using the airbrush means we don't have to touch the skin at all. But a great looking foundation can be achieved even without the airbrush. As soon as her wedding pictures are available, I'll be sure to post them!

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