Facial Paradise

Those of you that know me, may know I've been battling a bit of a skin problem the last few weeks. So when I was offered a facial by Kalli at Unruli, I was ready to try anything. She is a new esthetician at the salon in downtown Franklin and she is AMAZING. Kalli has this snuggly little room upstairs, with the dim lights and spa music playing. On Thursday I got cozy for 1 hr 45 mins of bliss. I don't usually keep quiet for anything, my mouth is constantly running, but after 5 mins I shut up for the entire experience because it was just that relaxing and wonderful. She starts out taking you on a "sensory journey" where you allow your nose to pick an essential oil for her to work with. Mine was cinnamon bark and clove. Warm, sweet, but invigorating. Then she massages your face with countless Aveda products, each one feels more awesome than the one before it. She rubs down your arms and feet and wraps them up in these warm little bundles. It really is the greatest thing ever. So now it's Saturday. And I woke up this morning to my sweet husband getting ready for work and he stops and looks at me and says "Wow...she did a great job. Your skin looks so smooth!" Best words I've heard since he said "I do". Kalli is a super nice lady and she is very knowledgeable about what your skin needs and what your body needs as well. I'm going back next week for a second treatment and anticipating the glory. But I know with everyone's pockets being pretty empty, these things are hard to indulge in. Thankfully, this full treatment is only $75!!!  So if you lay off the Starbucks and one restaurant dinner this month, you can use the extra cash to show yourself some Aveda love. Even if it's just once a month, this treatment makes you feel so awesome. And I know if I can see results after one treatment, within 2 days, and I have a major skin dilemma, then anyone can benefit from a visit. Tell her I sent you and I'll give you a free custom lip color and goodie bag!

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ha ha! You know they have a 50% pamper special going on right now! aw yeah! - JG